Throughout the life of Life@SlowMo, the authors have required the help of several passionate individuals in the scootering community. To those, we’d like to say a hearty thank you.

For Team Life@SlowMo’s Scooter Cannonball Run 2010 attempt:

  • Battlescooter: the ultimate in Japanese parts for your Japanese bike. A special note – this ride would be nearly impossible without the passion and commitment to the community that Battlescooter has shown our team
  • Golden Gate Cycles: an energetic staple of San Francisco for bikes and gear of all kinds
  • Modern Vespa: the world’s premiere forum for all things modern Vespa.
  • Ritch J: without Ritch, there would be no The Weapon / Team Life@Slowmo/Battlescooter Ruckus. Thanks a million!