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Cannonball: In the beginning

2010 September 5
by Oz

If, at some point in time, someone were to ask you, “what’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done in your life”, how would you answer that question?

Of the enumerable responses; dating some person, jumping out of a moving vehicle, having that one last drink, trying to outrun bulls – I’m sure that were people to hear that Aaron and I (Oz again) were going to be riding approximately 3500 miles on small displacement scooters in a 10 day rally ride, they’d presume our answers would be swift.  Without hesitation.  Reflexive, to a tee – doing this ride.

I’m sure that’s what people think, judging by my conversations with most people I encounter who know me just well enough for me to admit to this particular task.

I disagree.

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What’s your Daily Gear, and Why?

2010 January 10
by Oz

Every day you straddle that seat and hit the pavement, knowing full well that you might actually, well, hit that pavement.  Whether it’s riding a a 50cc Honda Ruckus or a 500cc Piaggio MP3 500, the risk is the same: the surface of the road cares only about how fast you were going when you hit, not what you were riding.  Same with the side panel of that Cadillac Escalade that decided to turn left right in front of you, or the Volvo C30 that decided to slam on its brakes on you because the soccer mom driving wasn’t paying attention to the stale yellow light in front of her.

We at Life@SlowMo decided to, uh, spill our guts, and justify our gear in the day to day (and on the hard rides, too).  It’s not all pretty, and it’s not all good – but it is what it is.

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Review: Corazzo Tempeste (Mens Jacket)

2010 January 4
by Oz

Let me start out by saying I own far too many jackets for one scooterist (this is only slightly hyperbole).  A good jacket is absolutely essential for serious riding – I know people will disagree, and I know that there’s always the tendency to believe that a scooter’s top speed obviates the need to wear protective gear, but as I like to state, the ground doesn’t care what you were riding before you hit it, all it cares is how fast you were going when you did.  That in mind, I own the following jackets:

  • Corazzo Max
  • Dainese Milano Evo
  • Tourmaster Coaster II
  • Corazzo Tempeste (well, now, clearly)

So OK, 4 jackets isn’t necessarily the hugest amount ever – but that’s not the point.  The point is that I can’t realistically use every jacket I own at any given point in time.  Jackets tend to need to serve a purpose to be worn – I don’t just buy jackets for the sake of buying.  So picking up the Tempeste meant finding a way to fit it into what I needed as a rider.  So does it fill a good niche?

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You Know You’re SlowMo…: Vol I

2009 August 7
by Aaron

If your skillset positions you for power, wealth, and women…but only in a post-apocalyptic world.

Words to Live By

2009 August 3
by Aaron

Riding fast on something slow is much more fun than riding slow on something fast.