Cannonball: the day before

2010 September 8
by Oz

So we’re here, sitting in the hotel room frantically deciding what goes on the bikes and what stays on the truck.  It’s grueling: weight is our enemy, and storage is at a premium.

Things that seem to be critical:  tools to dismantle transmission cases, to replace wheels, etc.

Clothing.  Things that will help us maintain a full day of dry riding.  Things to keep us warm in inclement weather.  Things we can take off and stow in our bikes, or stow in our bikes and put on later.

The usual crap.  Only each pound seems as if it adds hours to our days.

The first two days will really be killer.  Mountain rages we need to pass that will not show respect for our laughable displacement.

SPOT messenger is working.  Did a few test check-ins already.  Good times.  Enjoy those messages, you poor bastards on the notices.

We will leave earlier than anyone tomorrow.  That’s just the way these things are going to have to go.


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  1. 2010 September 8
    Guy permalink

    What are you doing awake…. go to bed… young man…it’s your Dad…LOL

  2. 2010 September 9
    Eric S permalink

    Two questions:

    Are you driving through the US or Canadia?

    also, /unsubscribe. srsly, your Spot messages are killing my phone :P

  3. 2010 September 9

    both US and Canadia.
    Also, fine, I removed you, ass.

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