Cannonball: what we did to prep

2010 September 6
by Oz

Some people have asked us, what sort of bike prep is involved in creating a Cannonball-ready 50 cc scoot.  Aside from significant amounts of insanity, a lot of thought and energy went into insuring that our bikes were ready for this apocalyptic journey.

Oz on the 2009 Honda Ruckus

  • Battlescooter windscreen
  • Battlescooter underseat basket
  • Daytona Drag speed variator
  • Battlescooter front disc brake kit (CNC forks, 190mm serrated rotor kit, CNC brakes, OEM Honda Japan DIO star rims)
  • Daytona rear shock
  • UNI air filter
  • Battlescooter CDI Boost Black Box
  • Key-on wiring for power for a Zumo 550
  • Michelin Boppys

Aaron on the 2009 Yamaha C3

  • Yamaha windscreen
  • Yamaha rack
  • milk crate basket
  • derestricted variator
  • Michelin tires


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  1. 2010 November 1

    Pulling the metal plate from the rear of your airfilter, adds a noticable amount of midrange power.(Just cut the 5-6 nylon rivets with a razor blade.) Often, it is necessary to reboot your ECU after doing this. Simply turn your ignition switch on and off three times in less than a second. Then, start up as usual waiting on the fuel pump to quit, & warning lights to go out.

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