Cannonball: all loaded up

2010 September 5
by Oz

DSC_0301, originally uploaded by oz_lang.

Maroy’s MP3, Aaron’s C3, and my Ruckus all ready to go.

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  1. 2010 September 6
    Guy permalink

    Who’s riding the Coleman Cooler? Are you actually riding it in the Cannonball?

  2. 2010 September 6

    The Coleman is the C3. Aaron is riding that beast. Surprisingly fast for a 50, definitely a good work horse. Would probably benefit from being a 100 or 150 though.

  3. 2010 September 8
    Guy permalink

    I know the C3 is great bike. I wish I actually had a use for a 50 cc bike in my town. The first light from my house is a 45 MPH multi-lane with a planted divider. I am not up for riding in the gutter with my 3 buck butt.

    Just need to painti it green and get a Coleman sticker and add add a propane lamp on a pole to really complete the look.

    Have a great ride. It was fun riding in Guerneville with you.

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